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Weekday Hosts

6:00 am - 10:00 am

"The AM Show with Jack Davis"
23 years with Crawford Radio.
"Gospel Jack" - Having been in broadcasting for more than 40 years, Jack is a “walking music encyclopedia,” who loves entertaining the listeners and sharing the rich history behind the music.  In February, 2011, he was inducted into the “Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame” for his work as a DJ/MC.  Amazingly, one week shy of his 19th birthday, Jack was sitting in a movie theatre only two seats away from where the hiding Lee Harvey Oswald was found that tragic day when JFK was shot.    
Fun Facts: Loves B Western Movies; he served in the Air Force for four years; is an avid fan of ABC’s, “The Bachelor,” and “Dancing with the Stars”; favorite KAAM Artist is “The Mills Brothers”; first car was a 1953 Chevy Bel Air.  He has been told he resembles Jack Nicholson, and his first job was a short order cook at “The Griddle System” in Oak Cliff.

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

"Middays with Mark Rivers"
18 years with Crawford Radio.
Falling in love with radio when he was 9 years old, Mark's dream was to "work" behind the microphone almost from birth.  He feels incredibly blessed to have been in broadcasting for almost 20 years, especially loving the Legends music as well as the unique friendship the medium affords listeners wherever they listen to or interact with him.  Off the air he loves spending time with his wife, Christine, two kids, Caleb and Chloe, and dog, Bailey.
Fun Facts:  Born in England, just north of Liverpool and moved to the States when he was 8.  While not a fan of zombies, he gets a little too excited about The Walking Dead.  His first job was at a zoo.

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

"Your Drive Home" with Julie DeHarty
Julie hails from Nebraska and moved to Dallas in 1987, where she finally got her first big break in a major market and has been a great in the radio industry ever since. Some of Julie's hobbies include riding around the metroplex on her Harley Davidson, jogging, and stair-climbing. Julie has two adorable pooches, a Great Pyrenees named Daisy and a German Shepherd named Sadie. Amazingly, years ago while doing traffic reports, she survived both a plane crash and a helicopter crash!  Much of her current time and attention are spent on grandson, Austin.
Fun Facts: Julie's first job was detasseling corn. Her favorite artist is the one and only Elvis Presley. When she was younger, she would dance around her grandparents house while listening to Dean Martin. Her very first car was a Duster.

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Wed)

Hooray for Hollywood with Ray Van Steen
“Radio Ray” - Went on the air at age 16. During his four year USAF enlistment, Ray was initially an instructor at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, and later worked on-mic at The American Forces Radio Network in Germany. His subsequent four decades in Chicago broadcasting and advertising included several years as production director of WLS. During his 20 year ownership of Chicago’s Studio One Recording, Ray also voiced numerous nationally-aired radio/TV commercials for clients such as McDonalds, Kellogg, Pillsbury, Hamburger Helper, Allstate, dozens more. 
Fun Facts: Taught several college courses in voice-acting and wrote regular columns on voice-over for midwest performers’ magazines. Ray is a fan of old time radio, and Golden Age movies.

7:00 pm - 11:00 pm (Sat)

"Saturday Night Sock Hop" with John Colwell
“Dr. John Will See You Now” You may know him as Dr. John from his very first job at KAND-AM in Corsicana, Texas. John has worked in the entertainment business for nearly 50 years! Once he received his bachelors and masters from SMU, John entered the television industry at KDTV and KDFW. His career continued to flourish when in 1974, he entered the movie industry! John has been married for over 39 years and has one son.
Fun Facts: He spent 23 years as a member of the Directors Guild as a Production Manager; he worked on the Home Alone III movie; he has a Ph. D in Motion Picture Production Management; and has been nominated for two Emmy awards for television!

7:00 pm (Mon-Fri)

The Best of Bockelmann
Hermann passed away September 12, 2013, but his memory lives on.
37 glorious years on the air!  Broadcasting legend and former host of “Europe Today”, Hermann Bockelmann, entertained audiences for decades!  Born in Bremen, Germany, he came to Texas in 1959.  Hermann’s radio career began in the 70’s as co-host of a weekly two-hour music show.  In addition, he was regularly featured as “Ludwig”, the slightly hard of hearing sound engineer on a Dallas Classical station.  He joined KAAM in 1999 and his legend lives on.

Fun facts: He enjoyed the Dallas Symphony and Hermann was a member of the Dallas Rowing Club.  He won numerous medals from regattas all over the U.S.
Music In The Night
Music In The Night