About Us

Our History

Youth on the March was a national television program that first aired on the ABC Television Network more than 60 years ago, spearheaded by evangelist Dr. Percy Crawford, a Christian Broadcasting pioneer. He accomplished many “firsts,” one of which was airing a weekly, Christian, nationally television program. The talent attracted by him and his amazing wife, Ruth, was top-notch. The Crawford children, Don, Dick, Dan, Dean and Donna, participated on the programs, as did young people who went on to be some of the most recognizable leaders in Christian ministry and service. The program lasted approximately four years until ABC decided they could make more money airing other non-religious programming. Percy decided to take matters into his own hands and was able to subsequently a UHF station in Philadelphia as well as 13 bankrupt radio stations so to spread the Gospel. Unfortunately, his plans came to a screeching halt by his sudden death due to a heart attack in 1959. However, his oldest son, Don, understood his calling, grabbed the Crawford torch and ran with it.

Over fifty years later, Don Crawford Sr. is the honored owner and CEO of the 24- stations Crawford Broadcasting Company. While his son is the founder and hands-on owner of the DJR Broadcasting Company, comprised of radio stations in Dallas, Texas, Albany, New York, and Rochester, New York.

KAAM is said to be the most listened to Nostalgia format via a station’s website in the entire nation, per industry watchdog “Radio Locator.” As exciting is that KAAM is the third most listened to Nostalgia station in the country via the radio. In short, we are thee premiere Nostalgia station coast-to-coast and perhaps world-wide. Why is this? We listen to and know our listeners tastes and consequently provide them with the greatest, most legendary music in American history. In return, they assertively support KAAM’s heavily screened and scrutinized local advertising and program partners, knowing over the thirteen years on AM-770 how management and local ownership has carefully vetted these professionals. No station does this to this degree!!! None. Such an understanding between the station, its people, its clients, and the very loyal listeners makes for one very beneficial and profitable relationship for all. Thank you for listening to the great KAAM!


Our Staff

Donald B. Crawford Jr.

President/Owner/General Manager   You might say that Don was born to be in radio, following in the footsteps of both his grandfather, Percy, an early radio pioneer and evangelist, and his father, Don Sr., also a successful

Sarah Lee

Chief Financial Officer/Assistant to the President   At 16, Sarah convinced her high school co-op program to sponsor her so she could work as a bank teller, which began her love affair with the retail financial services

Melanie Rankin

Writer   A bookworm from the very beginning, Melanie has always been entranced by a great story, a love that was fostered by a mother who was an insatiable reader, and a father who loved nothing more

Jennifer Paslay

Production/Traffic Manager   Jennifer always knew she wanted to have a career that centered around music, but she didn’t realize she belonged in radio until she started listening to the late Kidd Kraddick. His interaction with his

Valerie McLarry

Receptionist/Event Coordinator   Valerie is a hometown girl, born and raised in Arlington.  She and Michael, her husband of 34 years, met while they both worked at Six Flags Mall. Their respective stores faced each other.  Professionally,